Innovation, Education, Communication
Innovation, Education, Communication

November 2009, Employability talk given at Greenwich School of Management, London.

Employability Seminar, Greenwich School of Management.

An employability seminar describing the trends in the employment market and how to maximise chances of success at a behavioural interview was delivered to undergraduate students at Greenwich School of Management, London.

iSensa continues to develop a range of practically based interventions to support the development of students and help them to reach their full potential.

November 4, 2009

October 2008, “Improving Employability for Industrial Placements: Challenges, Approaches and Recommendations” published in Management Online Review.

Employability and Placements, Management Online Review, Reid, 2008.

Industrial placements can play a key role in developing an individual undergraduate’s softer skills, giving the opportunity for experiential learning, which is often sought by employers when selecting future employees. The combination of good academic achievement and the demonstration of broader skills developed in a varied work place environment where responsibility, collaboration and teamwork have been practiced and developed over time are highly appreciated by employers. This article reviews current student placement activity in the United Kingdom, a typical recruitment process and the implications for stakeholders.

June 7, 2009

November 2008, Employability talk at Kent Business School

Employability and Placements, Kent Business School.

November 2008, Employability talk at Kent Business School. A general presentation describing the recruitment market and what employers seek in candidates. A typical process is described along with the differentiating qualities which will be sought. This talk formed the basis for the subsequent article to be published in the Management Online Review.

March 22, 2009