Innovation, Education, Communication
Innovation, Education, Communication

June 2009, “Open Innovation: an Evolving Entrepreneurial Technique”, published in the International Review of Entrepreneurship

Open Innovation: an Evolving Entrepreneurial Technique, International Review of Entrepreneurship, Reid, 2009.

As internet penetration continues to grow across the globe, the potential pool of skilled and talented individuals and organizations that can be contacted or engaged in a commercial or professional arrangement expands. This flexible pool of resources can be utilised via a variety of methods and has been made more accessible by the growth of rich interactive media and social networking tools, which are frequently deployed both professionally and socially. This paper reviews the literature and recent uses of Open Innovation techniques which can facilitate corporate entrepreneurship. There is clear evidence to show that these techniques enable and accelerate entrepreneurial processes in addition to enabling greater agility in product and service development. The ability to access diversity and create new knowledge will be a key driver of success for many organizations and will support the development of entrepreneurial economies.

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June 22, 2009

May 2009, “Creativity and the Practical Innovation Process, a Driver of Competitive Advantage”, published in Management Online Review.

Creativity and the Practical Innovation Process, Management Online Review, 2009.

The need for organisations to become more innovative in the way they develop products and services has never been more important. In competitive and challenging business environments the ability to find new products and better, quicker and smarter ways of working can make the difference between success and failure. Lying at the heart of the innovation process is creativity. Without creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship would not be possible. The problem is, creativity and the workplace often don’t mix, so how do you develop an innovation process that truly harnesses and exploits creative thinking?


This article reviews the relationship between creativity and innovation. It includes practical behaviours and techniques which can support creativity in the workplace.

June 9, 2009